My first blog post

The End of My Pregnancy


I’ve wanted to start a blog for so long now but I had no idea how I would go about it or what I would even write about. I’ve always loved writing but not the sort of person who would be good with words(clearly). I’ve always read beauty blogs and followed a lot of bloggers online but lately I’ve stuck to reading ‘Mom’ blogs. Trying to read as much as I can before baby B comes. (B is nickname for our baby, I want to keep her actual name a secret till she’s here!!) But I don’t think enough reading would prepare us for what is to come. lol

I couldn’t even think of a name for this blog, So I will most likely change the name to B’s actual name when she arrives. (my nerves!!) I didn’t know what I would write about as my first post but I’m really just going to be talking about my pregnancy and how my life has drastically changed(for the better), and all the stuff people don’t really talk about when your 18 and expecting a baby! I really wanted to make this blog so I my daughter would have something to read and look at when she’s older and to see her grow up through this blog. (not every post will be this long but thanks so much for reading!!)

So basically I found I was pregnant a day after Halloween in 2016. I really know my body so I knew something was different (I found out really early). I still remember how I felt, I was shocked but got over that very quickly and I was unbelievably excited. (I think Jack stayed shocked a bit longer lol). I was only walking home from finding out and I already was ringing the doctors to book an appointment and I was seen the next day and it was confirmed! Obviously, it didn’t really feel real. I was so excited though. Skipping to 11 weeks pregnant, we were in the hospital for our first scan!! which I still remember exactly how I felt. I had crazy anxiety and I thought my heart was going to fall out of chest. But, as soon as we were called into the room and seen the tiniest little baby on the screen, I felt so much calmer and freaked out not going to lie. It was amazing and we got loads of pictures and I couldn’t of been happier. Still scared but happy at the same time.

I had really bad morning sickness at the start (‘morning’ sickness that lasted all day and night) I remember I couldn’t deal with most smells and couldn’t eat anything or I’d get sick. It went away after about 12/13 weeks though and that felt amazing.(I could finally enjoy this pregnancy!).

Since I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to know the gender straight away (I have no patience whatsoever). We booked in to get a 4D gender scan at 16 weeks when I was about 13 weeks so I remember that was longest 3 weeks ever. I was dying to know if we we were having a boy or girl. (I also didn’t mind as long as baby is happy and healthy). We actually both had a strong gut feeling it would be a boy. We were very wrong though, it couldn’t of been more clear it was a baby girl (lol). That night after only finding out I was already ordering little dresses and bows online. I was so excited I spent so much money on clothes and cute little girl things for her. Now there’s barely space to move in my room because the amount of stuff she has (no regrets). Every week since I found out we were having a girl I’ve been buying clothes,shoes,hats and bows( I think I actually have a problem). I started to actually forget she does need other stuff other than dresses(lol). We got everything really early, thank god. I couldn’t imagine rushing around trying to get stuff now ( I can barely go to the bathroom without having to take a break). We got everything in baby elegance(they had an amazing deal) and It was only delivered 3 weeks ago. I couldn’t wait to get the pram and cot and put everything up. Jack put everything up because he usually does everything anyways lol. So now it’s just a waiting game.

Also, my amazing family had a baby shower for me and we got so much stuff. My family have been really supportive and amazing throughout the whole pregnancy and I couldn’t ask for better people to be around me now. Our daughter is really lucky, she has so much love around her! There is massive stigma around teenage pregnancy and I don’t see why having a baby at a young age stops you from being an amazing parent like any other person.  It only means we get to spend a longer time with our baby’s and grow up with them. Why shouldn’t we get to enjoy our pregnancy and motherhood just because were young? I was very lucky I had a really supportive group of people around me (especially my boyfriend). I enjoyed my whole pregnancy and I can’t wait to meet our little one!!

I’m now 37 weeks pregnant and I can’t believe its coming to an end!! It’s only a short while you get to have a growing life inside you! I’m defiantly going to miss being pregnant, maybe I won’t miss the raging hormones,crying over everything,swollen feet, massive belly and tiredness (lol) But I will miss the movements from the baby and the excitement! My body has changed dramatically over the past few months, a lot of stretch marks and putting weight on but every part was worth it. Now I just can’t wait till she’s here! I just realized this is now a book so I better stop here, I’m going to try posting once a week( I promise it won’t be this long) I think it would be amazing for Baby B to look back on when she’s older to all this and I want to share with everyone.

Thanks so much for reading xo


2 thoughts on “My first blog post”

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had my first last August and it is such an incredible joy to be a mother. I love what you said about how being young doesn’t define your ability to be a good parent. It doesn’t matter that you’re only 18, and I am excited for you to embark on the lifelong journey of motherhood!


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