The ‘joys’ Of pregnancy

The “joys” of pregnancy


Pregnancy is beautiful and an amazing thing. But, it’s not always.. It’s sometimes really hard and overwhelming which people usually don’t talk about. Your usually told the common symptoms  like ‘morning sickness’, sore boobs, tiredness and back pain. But what they don’t tell you is all the other things you can experience (I’m saying can because everybody is different and not every pregnant woman feels the same) I’m speaking from my experience.

I feel I have been pretty lucky with pregnancy so far. I have had a really happy and healthy pregnancy and I am so happy! (I’m not complaining in anyway in this post).

At the start, I had extremely bad nausea for a couple of months. I couldn’t eat much or stand most smells. This is really common and I’m not complaining, I got over it very quickly. I remember most nights it being impossible to fall asleep because my nausea was so bad. If I even moved I felt like I’d throw up everywhere. I thought it would never end, I woke up everyday waiting to go back asleep so I wouldn’t feel so ill. It felt like being hungover everyday! I was so happy when it finally stopped when I was around 13/14 weeks. But it was also a reminder everyday that I’m carrying my baby so it wasn’t all bad. Apart from nausea, the start of my pregnancy was pretty ‘normal’. I had a few other symptoms that I never even heard of before like extra salivia.. why?? Also, being so hot all the time. That ‘pregnancy glow’ is really my face sweating 24/7. I’m not going to miss the sweating 24/7 part. Your boobs also balloon up. But, are super sore and sensitive. (not everyone, some women are just luckier than others).

After those first couple of months are out the way, my morning sickness(that lasted all day) was gone (yay). Peeing every 5 minutes!! I think I actually spend most of the night going to the bathroom than actually in bed. Also, My face was always red and still is. No amount of makeup could hide it. Also, another weird thing was I couldn’t stand wearing makeup! I still can’t, it makes me literally feel sick which is funny because I wore makeup every single day (and lots of it) for years. I started getting stretch marks pretty early (genetics), I actually didn’t know what they were at the start,they were just little purple lines but now they’ve taken over my stomach but I love them. I felt pretty lucky for a few weeks after the nausea went away. I hadn’t had any major symptoms. But then, when I got to about 20 weeks I had just got a bump over night. I hadn’t really had anything up till then. Walking became so hard, I had horrific heartburn (common symptom), my gums were bleeding every time I brushed my teeth (so weird), I got out of breathe if I even switched sides in bed,your back feels like someone stepped on it a million times, my sense of smell was heightened, I could literally smell everything. I was actually waiting for hormones to hit me in the face but I actually didn’t get hormonal till 33/34 weeks. But, they hit like a tonne of bricks and I would cry watching an ad about toothpaste. Super over-emotional and cranky. I try my best not to take it out on anyone though, even though I could blow up sometimes, for no apparent reason. I was expecting to be a lot worse, I had quite bad anxiety and mood swings before I was pregnant but it went away when I got pregnant. (Thank god!!) Hopefully it stays away for good(lol). Now, I’m less than 3 weeks away from my due date, I’m waddling around like a penguin waiting to pop and I’ve gotten completely use to all these pregnancy symptoms and none of them matter anymore! We are so close to meeting our baby! I’d do it all over again, We’re expecting a happy and healthy baby girl and that’s all that matters now. All the crazy symptoms, pain and sickness all went away when you feel those first flutters of your baby moving (now its strong kicks and punches to the ribs but worth the feeling). Also, Jack has put up with all my complaining and mood swings and I couldn’t ask for a better person to be with. Thank you!!(and sorry lol).

I can’t wait till she is here and to post about the start of her life.

Thanks for reading 🙂 xo


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