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Eco Tan Review

Eco Tan 


Coconut Body Milk

I’m writing my first beauty review on Eco tan cosmetics. If you follow my Instagram, you probably have already seen my posts about their products. I am obsessed with Eco tan!! They have been kind enough to send me some products to try out and I have been using their Coconut body milk for the past couple of weeks and I have already seen a massive difference in my skin.

Obviously because of the pregnancy, my skin hasn’t been amazing. I’ve also got A LOT of stretch marks around my stomach and thighs (sigh). I was researching so much to find out the best ways to minimize stretch marks and I seen a lot of different ways and I have tried different things but I hadn’t actually seen a difference. I received the Coconut Body Milk and I seen the before and after pictures of peoples skin after it so I started to use it on myself, I also took a picture before I started using it so I could see after a few weeks if it had actually worked (I’m too nervous to post just yet haha). I already noticed after a couple of days my skin was so soft and not so dry. Literally nothing has worked since I’ve been pregnant on my skin. This has been a life saver because I really do like taking care of my skin (as most people do) and it’s hard when you can’t find anything that works best with you! It’s for all skin types but  I highly recommend this body milk to anybody that has sensitive, dry skin or skin conditions. They also do a lot of different products if you check their website. All Eco Tan products are organic & vegan. I’ll leave the link to the website and product below and you can look at the before & after pictures and read more.

Thanks for reading!! xo

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