My Top 6 Pregnancy Must Haves


Here is a list of my top 6 pregnancy must haves! Every woman is different but these are my things I couldn’t live without.

1. My skincare products


I’m completely obsessed with my skin and I do like taking care of it, it has been so much harder during pregnancy but these products have been my favorite! I have pretty sensitive skin so I use Aveeno skin relief for itchiness and it works so good. It’s for extra dry and irritated skin, which I have especially at the moment! (Thanks pregnancy). I also use the himalayan salt scrub before I have a shower and that seems to help with the itchiness too (especially around my stretch marks on stomach). But it also helps with reducing marks and it smells so amazing. I can’t have enough vaseline, my lips as well as my whole body get very dry and I use this everyday! I’ve tried lip scrubs and other methods but really just plain vaseline works best. I use the coconut body milk everywhere and everyday. My last post was a review on it if you want to read! Hand gel, I must go threw a couple bottles a week, I use it a couple times a day because I’ve been a clean freak lately. It also makes my hands feel fresher! Coconut oil is probably my main must have with skin products. I use it for everything! I use it in my hair, body oil, on my lips if there really dry, on my face and also if you use a small bit with warm water, you can use it to remove your makeup. I’ll put the links of the products I used down below!




2. Maternity body pillow


The maternity body pillow, my favorite thing in the whole world! I was bought this when I was about 6 months pregnant because I was finding it hard to sleep with a big bump in the way of everything and aching at night. Since I got this I’ve slept like a baby, now I can’t sleep without it! I still sleep amazingly since getting this, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep without it now (lol). I would actually say if you are pregnant or thinking about it, you need this!! It was bought in argos and it was around 40 euro. If it was a thousand euro, I’d still buy it it’s too good. I’ll put the link below of the one I have! (It’s actually on sale now for 31.99).


3. Rennie


Yes, Rennie is a must have for me! I suffer with really bad heartburn since about 5 months pregnant and sometimes it actually feels like I’m breathing fire. I go threw so many packs of Rennie, they are a life saver. There’s a lot of different medicines for heartburn but this has worked best for me! They also taste really good which is a bonus (I can’t stand gaviscon).

4. Maternity bra


I was pretty late getting a good maternity bra but when I did, I didn’t look back! Bra’s are already super uncomfortable (for me anyways), but I can’t go bra less all the time (sigh). A good maternity support bra is a must and it really helps with back pain as well as feeling comfortable. I literally was crying with relief when I got one, it’s a must! I wish I had gotten one sooner but better late than never.

5. Maternity Clothes


Maternity clothes is obviously a must. But some women do just buy bigger sized clothing, I tried this but when I bought a pair of maternity jeans it made a huge difference! Maternity jeans come with a bump support so they are so comfy. I only bought 2 pairs because that’s all I really needed. I’m usually in my pyjamas anyways (lol). I got 2 pairs in new look, a plain black pair and ripped denim ones. There so comfy I’d probably wear them when I’m not pregnant too! Good maternity leggings are a must for me too because sometimes I’m just to lazy to wear jeans! I also just bought a few maternity tank tops but I usually just wear over sized jumpers or tops. I bought everything in new look, Ill put the link below!


6. What To Expect App


I’ve tried a lot of different pregnancy apps but What To Expect is definitely my favorite. You sign up and you put your due date in and it counts down the weeks and days until your due date! and every week you can check how your baby is developing. There is also community forums on the app you can join in on and ask questions and answer them with other pregnant women. Also there is a photo journal you can add pictures of your bump every week and look back on. I love this app and if you are pregnant or trying, you need this app!

Thanks for reading xo

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