The Birth Story Of Isabella-Gray

I haven’t wrote a blog post in so long, a lot has happened over the past 2 weeks since our baby girl was born. I love reading birth stories so I thought I would write one for Bella.

On the 4th of July at 1 am I started getting irregular contractions, we waited a while before actually going to the hospital because we weren’t sure if it was real labour or not. They weren’t too intense but they got more regular and we left for the hospital about 3/4 am. They put me on a monitor and admitted us. After a couple of hours went by the pain had stopped so they sent us home and told us to come back if they got regular again. I was so excited, I thought i’d never go in to labour (haha). We had an appointment that day anyways in the hospital for a 39 week check up. When we got there, I got the usual check (blood pressure, heartbeat) and my blood pressure was higher than usual. They gave me a sweep and waited a couple of minutes to check my blood pressure again and it was still high. Straight away they decided to induce me and we got admitted 5 minutes later. It was all happening so quickly, 2 hours later they broke my waters around 2 pm and we were already in the delivery suite. We hadn’t even had time to think it was all so fast. The contractions started very quickly and were so intense. I had an epidural put in around 3/3.30 pm and was using gas and air up until then ( I wanted to bring the gas home lol). I couldn’t feel anything after about a half hour of the epidural been put in so we just played on our phones for a few hours and waited. When I think about it now, it feels surreal because we weren’t expecting it and it happened so quick. I don’t remember too much but around 1 or half 1 in the morning on the 5th of July, I was checked to see if I was dilated and I was 10 cm. They said to wait a while and then I could start pushing, but then I started to get a fever. I was vomiting and shaking uncontrollably, the baby’s heart rate was dipping too. They put me on iv antibiotics straight away and they didn’t want to wait to push any longer so about 3 am, I started pushing. 3.16 am Isabella-Gray was born by forceps. As soon as she was born she was put on antibiotics, I actually didn’t even know why, I was very confused and overwhelmed. I was also on iv antiobiotics for 2 days and oral antibiotics for another 4 days. We were brought to the ward then and waited for Bella to get back while she had her bloods and antibiotics done. I was so happy, she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I was so excited to bring her home with us the next day. She was on antibiotics every 6 hours while they waited for her blood results to come back. At 1am on the 7th of july, I was feeding her still at the hospital and a doctor come to the ward and at this point I hadn’t slept in a few days, I was so tired and didn’t know what was going on. The doctor explained that her blood results came back she was positive for GBS (strep B infection) of the blood and that it is very serious and they need to do further tests and keep her for 10-21 days. As soon as the doctor left I felt sick. I started looking up what it meant and I wish I hadn’t. I was freaking out, crying and couldn’t believe what was happening. I was sending Jack a million texts and ringing him but he was sleeping obviously. I never even heard of that in my life. I expected to just have Bella and go home 2 days later. I was calling the midwifes every hour to ask was there any more results but they were to take a few days. I was so heartbroken and it felt like a nightmare, it didn’t feel real. A few more doctors saw us and explained I was a carrier of GBS (it was never detected in my pregnancy) and that I passed it to her during labour. I was still so confused with everything. I was just so tired and didn’t understand what was happening. I was discharged on Friday the 7th of July. But Bella was admitted to the NICU for atleast 10 days. I wasn’t allowed bring her home or stay with her. It was the worst few days of my life but also amazing because we had our baby, it was very confusing. We were suppose to enjoy our baby and bring her home to meet family. The day I was discharged I cried every 5 minutes, not knowing if your child is going to okay is the most heartbreaking thing in the world. Being happy and sad is weird. We were so happy we finally had our baby but we didn’t know what was going to happen because she had such a serious infection. We came every day to the NICU as soon as we were able to and stayed all day with her. Asking the poor midwifes every half hour did they hear any results. She had to get a lumbar puncture too and the results were a couple of days waiting. Longest few days of my life. She was only tiny and had to go through so much already. The night we had to leave the hospital for the first time without our baby was unbelievably heartbreaking. Seeing everyone else leave with their baby’s in the car seats and we left with a balloon and hospital bags. I’ll never forget the pain of that. I just wanted my baby to be okay and to bring her home. We had a really hard first week. We were finally told then they were only keeping her for 10 days to finish her antibiotics and that her infection hadn’t spread because it was caught early. We were blessed and it was the best news I’ve ever heard. We continuted to come every day and sit with her. We were begging to bring her home by Tuesday the 11th. They let us bring her home and bring her back in every 6 hours for her antibiotics. We were so happy, the first night home with her was amazing. The next day we had her in for her antibiotics and they told us that she needs to have them 3 times a day now and that they were re-admitting her for another 2 nights until she was done. They let me stay with her, thank god. She had one more result to come back and we got it on friday the 14th of July and they told us she was perfect and they infection was clear. We were able to finally bring her home on friday! after a very long and stressful 10 days. We were seriously blessed that her infection was caught early and it didn’t spread. Every midwife and doctor in the Rotunda were amazing and can’t thank them enough. We can finally enjoy our baby! Isabella-Gray is now 2 weeks old tommorow and doing amazing. Jack and I are so lucky. I can’t forget to say Jack has been the most amazing person through all this! He has been so supportive, and an amazing dad to Bella. We are just so happy everything is over now and we can focus on our little family. I can’t wait to share all our memories and milestones.

Isabella-Gray Diana Garvey born at 3.16 am weighing 8 pound 8 1/2.


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