4 Weeks Postpartum Update!

I can’t believe it has actually been 4 weeks since we had Isabella-Gray. I thought I would be posting a lot more but I had no idea how busy I would actually be being a new mother! It’s been absolutely amazing and I wish she would stay this little forever but I’m excited to watch her learn and grow.

My last blog post was all about her birth story. Long story short Bella was very sick when she was born and we couldn’t bring her home officially till she was 10 days old. All that is over now and we are finally in a routine and so happy! Bella since she was born was a very quiet baby (lucky us), she doesn’t cry like at all. I had prepared myself for hell when I was pregnant but that was my own fault listening to everyone say things like “get your sleep in now once she’s born, you won’t get a minute” when in reality, she actually is super content. Not all days are the same, some days are hard but every day is worth it. Jack has only been leaving with us 5 weeks also so it has been a lot of changes in the past few weeks. We really do get a lot of time to ourselves. When we wake, about 8/9 on normal day, we feed Bella after she’s slept all night from about 11/12. Then were able to get up, eat (sometimes, I forget to eat all the time lol), I can do a bit of a tidy up, watch tv, be on the phone. Bella would go asleep straight after her morning feed (sometimes I stay in bed too and don’t do anything but who doesn’t need lazy days) on those days I just love letting Bella sleep on my chest and staring at her in amazement (how did I get so lucky?!). Jack and I also alternate feeds so we do get to sleep and rest. We are actually in a very good routine at the moment, really hoping it sticks! Bella is feeding every 4 hours (bang on, it’s like she knows the time, I don’t know how!). Sometimes, during the day she would be feeding every 3 hours if she’s more active. I’ve noticed in the past week or so, she is awake a lot more! She loves being in her bouncer and on her play mat. We know she can’t see much but she is so alert. Only the last few days she started smiling without just having wind! She is so cute, even just her holding my finger or smiling is such a huge thing for me.

First picture I got of Bella smiling today!

FullSizeRender (1)

Our public health nurse was out 2 weeks ago and Bella was weighed and her height was measured and she was just about 9 pound and 45 cm long! (She’s so tall). She is actually wearing most 3-6 sleep suits and vests. I can’t believe how big she is getting already! I love watching her grow but wish she would stay my tiny baby forever. Also, yesterday was the first time she rolled on her side. It doesn’t like much but that is huge for me! There’s not much to write about now but I’ll try do more updates as she grows.

I’ve been a mother now for 4 weeks and it has been the most amazing time, overwhelming but amazing. Sometimes, I do get a bit stressed and teary if I don’t get enough sleep or if I don’t leave the house for a while. Jack is amazing though and takes over everything so I can get some sleep or even just a break. After birth, I was also in a lot of pain and still am but thankfully I am starting to come around. I don’t even notice half the time because I’m to busy caring for my baby (lol).

Being a mother has thought me so much already, It has thought me that everybody is struggling, no one’s life is as perfect as they present it. There is a lot of times to compare yourself to “perfect” online mothers, no one has it easy. I feel it’s important to never compare. It also has thought me to live in the moment, I try to not say ” I can’t wait for…”, I’ll never get this moment back so why rush. Also, you cannot be selfish as a mother. Everything is about your child, you feel there pain, you constantly worry about them (Bella is only a baby, I can’t imagine what I’ll be like in a few years). My biggest worry this time last year was If I had a enough money to go drinking and now everything is so different (for the better). This post is probably all over the place, I’m quite tired but how and ever. I got an email today saying my blog has made it on to the Top 100 pregnancy blog posts on the web from Feedspot! Yay! This post is short but I will be putting more time aside for blogging in the next few weeks as I love the idea of Bella being able to look at this when she is older!

Thanks for reading xo

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